About Me

Mc La Palm started developing his Exotic knowledge of music when he was only seven years old! Having an excelent sense of rhythm he moved on every tune. Perfect rhythm, is what he will always have! He knows exactly how to adapt his voice to any range of different music styles, purely by a feel for the music and experience in entertaining!

Mc La Palm started into the hardstyle scene in 2008. The first time he performed was at Kreddel2: The Orange. But it simply wasn’t enough, he craved for more. Since 2010 he found many exciting ways to grow and perform in the world of House, Dance, Dubstep and Moombathon!

The name “MC La Palm” embodies all that he is, from summer thoughts to love for Latin music! There is no latin beat to much for this summer minded Mc! Since 2011. ”Mc La Palm” Works a lot together with Sergio Bailando, This duo is ready to give a massive show!

Mc La Palm has gotten praise from established names such as D-Rashid , Wessel  S , SkillzNFame  and many more. He has also signed a track at Latin Lovers Records! The last performances have been spectacular, you can find Mc La Palm all over the map in Europe! From Holland to Bulgaria, passing and blazing through Ireland, Belgium, France and Germany along the way. Now and always working on new concepts!

The philosophy is simple: Do whatever you like! And make your dreams come true!