Welcome to MC La Palm


Mc La Palm started with his knowledge of music when he was only 7 years!

Through his sense of rhythm he moved on each tune.
Perfect rhythm this is what he always wil have! He knows exactly how to use his voice on different music styles!

Purely by experience to entertain!
Mc La Palm has started into the hardstyle scene in 2008. The first time he performed was at Kreddel2: The Orange. But he wants to try something else. Since 2010 he found many lovely ways to perform in the world of House, Dance, Dubstep and Moombathon!
The reason he got the name for Mc La Palm is also very interesting. He has it from his summer thoughts and his love for Latin music! There is no latin beat too much for this summer minded Mc!

Mc La Palm gots the compliments from different dj’s like Nikolas Beatz , Dr.Papasov , Guiseppe Funka , Neroz And many more. The last performances are great, u can find Mc La Palm every where in europe! Netherlands , Bulgaria , Ireland , Belgium , France , Germany. And he is now already busy with some new concepts!

do whatever u like! And make your dreams come true!